Cats on M.E.C.H.s: Landfall!
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Local multiplayer arena first person shooter.

Cats aboard a space carrier crash landing down to Earth, must  in badass mech suits, to determine who gets to take the escape shuttle.


  Team: Epic MegaBois ’19 

  Team Size: 5 people

  Role:  Technical Designer

  Duration: 7 Days

  Platform: PC Windows

  Engine: Unreal Engine 4

  Genre: First Person Shooter


  Designing and implementing combat mechanics, player controls, and game camera, and creating player animations

(blocked out character in Blender to be able to start implementing game camera early on;
realised animations for shooting and melee using UE4 actor sequence)

(Movement system)
(Shooting system, with continuous shooting)
(Damage system with modular effects)
(Bullet spawning system, with aim correction and point blank hit detection)

  Designing and implementing main game loop and related game systems

(Spawning system, with synchronised delayed respawn and bot support)
(Session countdown with diegetic planet approaching animation)

  Implementing bot players with basic AI used to allow us developers to test our own features autonomously

(Behaviour Tree - AI Bots)
(EQS generating random spots on the map for the bot to roam to while looking for enemies)
(example of 'Task' class using interface call to simulate player input on a child class of the player pawn)

  Created a vision for, then shot and edited the gameplay trailer

(overview of my pipeline: cinematic shots made with UE4 level sequence, animated logo made with Photoshop and After Effects, trailer edited together in Premiere Pro)

  Coordinating individual team members to ensure we would be working towards the same vision and goals

  Mentored and provided technical assistance to fellow developers

(example: teaching team mate possible solutions to a UI challenge)

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