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  Team: Team Rougelike* 

  Team Size:  30 people

  Role: Technical Level Designer

  Duration: 11 months

  Platform: PC Windows

  Engine: Unreal Engine 4

  Genre: 3D Platforming-


*(not a typo)



Our original brief was to make an hybrid between Ratchet and Clank and Binding of Isaac.
We would be taking roguelike elements from the latter, to realise a 3D platformer where the content is procedurally generated, without requiring to author it ourselves.


We had to work in a team of almost 30 people, with several people used to be very dominant in team environments, and had to learn to work with similarly dominating people.


For almost everyone on the team, this was the first time building a game dependent on Procedural Level generation.


During the early months of the projects I made prototype for several game concepts, learning how to build several player mechanics and game loops, basic AI behaviours, and even networking for a online co-op prototype I made.

During the project I learnt about different approaches to Procedural Level Design, and was personally involved with realising a few protoypes myself, learning how to build certain procedural systems in Unreal 4.


Late in the project, I was involved with polishing the game for release, my work there allowed me to learn about animation implementation (state machines, montages, blend spaces), cinematics (level sequence), and best practices to optimise blueprints and particle systems.


  Creating prototypes to test new ideas for game concepts, combat mechanics, game loops, and procedural level structures.

  Pitching internally in the team new concepts and designs.

(above pitches for ‘Game concept’ proposals; below pitches for ‘Procedural level structure’ proposals)

(click to enlarge)

  Working in collaboration with artist, programmers, and fellow designers to create, tweak, and polish new game features.

  Creating level chunks to be used in a procedural level generator, in collaboration with environment artist, programmers, and other level designers.

(one pager by Job Lauwen and Tali Di Girolamo, click to enlarge)
(animations I made to showcase individual chunks or feature team realised)

  Planning, executing and refining my level chunks from high-level concept to low-level scripting.

  Realising the high-level vision of my chunks from initial block out through to final shipped product.

  Creating cinematics used both in game, and trailers.

(Created, and later polished, cinematic to play in Main Menu when games is started)
(Alternate unused take for the intro)

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